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1) Fill-In Activity


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--A-- Write a few sentences describing a
favorite hobby.

--B-- Write a few sentences about your
summer plans.

Pick the best word to complete this sentence.
The is the most sly and cunning animal of the fairy tale.
The is the biggest sea mammal.
Type a letter for each number. Use a letter 0, 1, or more times.
(a) red (b) yellow (c) green (d) blue
1) This color is not a primary color.
2) This color has the longest wave length.
3) When iron is heated, this color indicates the hottest of the list.
4) This paint color can be made by mixing two others in the list.

Enter in historical order these industrial revolution landmarks.

(a) metal from Bessemer's converter    (b) Watt steam engine
(c) flyer-and-bobbin system    (d) Newcomen steam engine
(e) metal from Henry Cort's puddling furnace    (f) spinning jenny
Enter lowercase t for true or f for false.
t f       2 mod 2 = 4

        Weather Front Activity
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Answer this as if you were in the northern hemisphere.
An occluded front may result in cyclone winds that

1) flow west.
2) flow clockwise.
3) flow counterclockwise.
4) flow east.

        Web Page Activity
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Enter 1 - 0 to see up to 10 pages.
(1) My Best Friend   ...  a youtube song
(2) Friendship       ...  Wikipedia article
(3) Your comments.   ...  Google Doc page 

What type of friendship is shown in the video My Best Friend?
You do not always need words to understand a friendship.

1) class mates and those with whom daily time is spent.
2) imaginary friend made up in one's own mind.
3) respect for and identification with an idealized hero or fore-bearer.
4) romantic attachment with an individual relationship.

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